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Monday, December 31, 2012


I'm thinking of starting a new thing which I will randomly state 25 things. (Which means this wont last long.) I will post one when I have completed 25 random things to say. These could be witty things I want to say, small little notes to myself, or stuff out of context that I found funny.

Friday, December 21, 2012

What went down on 12.21.12

In Chemistry
     Well hello there, Today is finally 12.21.12. Now as I type this I am currently in photo (first period). Now before I get a head of my self let me explain something to you. Earlier this week my school allegedly got a gun threat, by a Junior. A kid that is in my grade. A kid that, from what I know, has the same English and History Class as me. The point I am getting at is that this school is a ghost town right now. The threat was made for today and that scared some parents. Even my mom didn't want me to come. Also, kids are playing hookie because it is Senior ditch day, people taking their winter break a day early for trips and such, and also people rather spend their last hours with their family (or parting it up). Note to the Mayans watching this: There is always a Walmart or Target (or some calendar store) in spitting distance, so go power up your dang Flintstones and go down to whatever store to buy yourself a new freaken calender. Sorry, but us non-Mayans do it about every 365.25 day, 12 months or 8,766 hours. I say about because some of us are eager than others to get the new kitty cat or nature scene calendars.
-well for now I must go to chem keep you posted.
(Inseret the greatest put on hold elevator music here for IDC amount of time. I now type this from my room.)
     Class was not your typical day. They made it where we have both odd and even today because they wanted us to have an equal  # of hours in each class. How many people where in my classes? Well instead of me spelling it out, let me just paint a graft.

class-# of kids(not counting teacher or me)- comments/what we did 

photo- 5- this class had a good % seniors, but 3 did show up. I listed to music and emailed my Nana

< img src = "image_url" atl "Alternative_Text" />*passing time*- talked to the gang for a second and got a cool present from Sergio (Im name dropping w/o your permission Jeronimo) that looked like it was wrapping paper that was wrapped up. I planed to open it at lunch. Kyra gave me body butter in the car ride to school. It was a little sweet for my taste (because Kyra is 2/3 part surgar pie (2/7 parts human, and rest is crazy juice)), but it was still good. Kyra gave Sergio a leggo Patrick Star key chain. I  must break its legs. (I accidently did that to 2 of kyra's keychains.) Kyra got a Sponge Bob poster from Sergio. Also I for got to mention that both Kyra and I got a BestFriendsEver ring from Sergio. They were made from wood because he takes wood shop. Also, they happen too express another SpongeBob reference.

ChemistryH- 12-  I believe there was high turn out because it was an honors class or people like the teacher or playing his xbox- i played with my phone, eaves dropped, asked one chem question, and took a pic of the board

*Small 17m break- I hung out in history with a few of my friends in my history class. I didn't feel like hunting the gang down so I walked strait their.Sergio had history too (different class), but couldn't track down his friends. So he popped his head into my class, finally wearing the Mike Wazowski green shades I gave him. We talked with a few of our other friends in the room, then the bell rang*
History- 13- this is because this is a big class (like 43 kids)-we took 2 notes and watched 2 clips. One was of Ferris Bueller's Day Off it showed the 2 scenes/montage of Ferris trying to beat his parents home from playing hookie. My teacher gave us candy canes.
fancy board in math
Algebra- 6- we worked on 5 math problems and did a raffle (We get tickets for passing out papers and writing work on the board) I got 2 chocolate bars.

ok I will stop because this is getting out of hand.
*Lunch time* I passed out my brownies to people. I gave Sergio his 2 bottles of silly string and homemade paper clip SpongeBob necklace. I opened the thing I was carring and it was a poster of 20 cats with headphones. First thing, I thought was to tape sunglasses on the kittens.

Sponge Bob is referenced so much between
my friends.
ASL-10-did as we pleased, but we had to sign for 25points, I played pictionary and ninja with my friends, Amanda and Madison.

English- 9- we just talked as a group. The girl next, Alexa, to me described it as the breakfast club. I would agree, but I also saw it more of a nice version of TMZ, were my teacher/classmates would tell stories and at one point we went around the room asking what people would do for break.
That is if my teacher was this.

Hope you like that the world didn't end.

As the day went on, I noticed that a few kids too pictures of their class (candid; not a group posed :D type of photo) they wanted to make a collage out of them and show the people, like the ones who ditched, what it really looked like.
Maybe next time, I'll try to look ahead like that. It would have been cool if I did that.

sorry, with the excessive pictures.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Back to the...Storyboarding

     Recently, I have a lot of time on my hands. Maybe this is because 4 weeks ago I had the ASL  Show (Where my ASL class preformed songs in ASL ) and that took 2 nights of 5 hour practice and 2 nights of 2 hour performance. That is when I learned to be more productive with the time I have on hand...Maybe I am just getting better at getting my my time management-To that i say "HAHA." Maybe my teachers are giving out less work, because I can't tell you the last time I had English homework.
     In English and History, we have been learning about film elements. Please don't get your panties in a twist, the classes are made to learn though the use of film and the exploration of the film elements. Every once and a while, I have moments when I wanted to go strait home, dust off my DSLR, and try to film something, anything, just to experiment with. But when I arrived home, stuffing my face with food and plopping myself in front of the talking box sounds better. Little do I know that my work will soon be plastered in the media that I was consuming.(And I'm not talking about the food) Haha...I am being full of myself. But hey, you never know! :D
     As of right now I have no inspiration for a big blockbuster movie, but I just wished to find a scene to fiddle around with my camera and moviemaker. Something that I can practice filming with multiple angles and get a feel for stuff. Then as reaching over for a tissue, that was out of my reach, it hit me. I remember watching a silly YouTube video of a guy tiring to reach the TV remote from his bed, but it was out of stretching distance. He made it so dramatic...well it is not really that dramatic, but it does earn some TeeHee's (SHOUT OUT too any Nigahiga fans out there?).
     Also during lunch yesterday some of my friends came up with the idea to make a movie. I don't know if we are actually go through with it, but whatever. Now it will be cool tiring to brainstorm a scrip and whatnot. I mean I thought about interviewing one of my friend's about her weird dreams and maybe create a scene that follows the idea that she gave me.
     Come to think about it, my last movies I filmed were pretty much the same. In 8th grade, I made a movie for English about a girl who gets kidnapped and I played the role of the girl. Then last year, in ASL II, the project was to make a movie using medical signs and I played the role of the injured girl. This year in photo, I played a roll of a girl that got chased and then headbutted to the ground. I was technically the star roll in all of them, but that was because of default. Both of them involved my character to get physically harmed by the bad guy and cops (& a doctor for the ASL one, and a wizard for the photo one) had to help save me.I need more variation. I need a new story plot.
      So for now I'll keep you posted about my movie related things.

Friday, November 9, 2012

How to Become Charismatic

     So you want to be more Charismatic? *You shake head (left-right)* No? Well then do you want to look more friendly? *Silence, followed by no comment* Well, you at least want to trick people into thinking you are friendly? * "Ehhhh" and ehhhh faces D: * Ok Great :D we are getting somewhere.
     I on the other hand would love to enlighten you...But even more I would like to do my part and help rid the world of self centered people ("my friend" is the best example). Maybe I can almost do this by teaching them how to communicate to a point to when they could help trick people in to thinkin-- (i was going to say "thinking that they aren't  shallow or narcissistic")--ehhh what is the use. Just read my list and use it for whatever reason you may need.

This can be narrowed in to a few steps.

1) Acting interested in convocation
-There are times when you should be doing little to no multitasking when hanging with your friends.
When I learned ASL, They teach you to have your full attention on the other person. Well that can be a bit creepy if you stare, flat-faced, at the person. Taking stuff like that into consideration, you can at least take a headphone out, stop txting as much, or getting your nose out of your kindle. Yet again at times it is ok to txt, but not to much or it is disrespectful.

Example: One day during lunch my friend was like 2 feet away from my group of friends eating .When we would be talking she would let out a loud laugh or exaggerated her speech. It over powered our conversation and was very annoying. She did this for like 30 minuets of lunch.

Example: I was in my friend's car and she was listening to her iPhone  I ask for her to turn it down cause the stupid One Direction was making it where I can't here my own thoughts. SHE HAD HER FLIPPIN HEADPHONES IN TOO. She looked at me, shook her head, and laughed. Her mom did a more subtle laugh that meant "hey my daughter is being a rude brat, but I am not going to stop her"

2) Body Language
I hated being in elementary school and every one sat on the same side of the lunch table. You had to yell down the row of people to talk to a person. That's why I liked sitting on the other side so I can actually talk to people.
What I am trying to get at is that pick a good angle.Also,like in ASL, eye contact is good,but not too much or it be weird.

Example: When my friend met my other friend for the first time, she showed no eye contact and he called her out on it.

3) cheese stuff.
  • Be confident - my favorite saying is "You're only human." so it is ok to screw up and laugh it off
  • Humor is always great--if you use it correctly and not stupidly
  • Be Ethical- look at stuff in different perspectives, in the other's shoes, ect.
  • Take put downs like a grain of salt, but if you can't tell them in a way that doesn't sound whinny. Come backs are great too.
  • What did I miss?

4) What I tend to do...
I tend to ask questions about the other person to get the conversation running. And what is great to do is if they/you throw the same question back that you/they asked them. This shows that they/you are interested to hear their response to the question. I tend to call this as the Meet-Me-Half-Way method. This is also a good chance to see if they care enough to through the question back at you or they don't or/and rather talk about something different.

5) other/fill-in later/What are your thoughts?

 See this for more info:

Once again, here is this if you have another problems. I have yet found a use for it. Oh, when I do, ill for sure tell you.

Friday, October 5, 2012

My 2 cents...about 2 cents

     So you know the feeling? The feeling when you get money and the more you make transactions with it you end up with a crap ton of dimes, nickels, and pennies. Then you either have a coin purse, you toss it the bag to not to have to fettle around with the coin purse or drop it in your bag and you forgot that their is a black hole (or wormhole; I don't judge) in there so you go through this cycle of the loose change cluttering your bag, house, and car.
     Well when are you going to use that loose change? It is a pain to carry around and hear them clink. Its like they are the equivalent to a human cow bell. Nobody wants to be known as a Mr. Krabs. When you actually get to pay with them, it is a pain to have to take your time jumbling around all of the change while people wait on you.
     Yes, you can try to predict how much cents you need, but tax will throw you off. My solution to this is get a coin purse with a dollar amount in change. When you buy something for $7.46 you can give them your $2 in change, a Lincoln ($5 bill), and either $1 or two quarters. You will still get change back, but you have less coins than you started with. The other solution is to go up to the cashier and ask them to exchange your coins (or low dollar bills; $1 or $5) for dollars (or $10 or $20). They normally will be glad cause cashiers also have the problem for getting a bunch of paper money ($10, $20, $50, $100) from customers and so they will need some dimes, nickel, and pennies for the change back. It is like the cashier's have the opposite problem than us (even though they rather have $5 and$1 to break the$10, $20, $50, $100, but that is a different story). In the long run this would kill two birds with one stone. My last option is to make a bet and pay the person in change. My sister won a bet, but her friend payed her in $3 worth of pennies. You can't buy anything with 300 pennies!
     Also, YouTube & book author, John Green has some good points. It makes no sense/cents (blehhh puns are hard over txt) to make pennies and nickels when they cost twice the price to make them. I hope he doesn't mind me buying my VIDCON ticket in change. :D
(Yah, If you don't know. The Vlogbrothers invented Vidcon.)

Monday, October 1, 2012


those days when you want to post but you get swamped with homework and procrastination.
Feel free to start chatter in the comments.

here is a pic; go crazy.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Panorama School

     Well here is 2 panorama pictures of my school. I don't know maybe some people will find this cool or interesting. While others will "Mehhh" -__- it. Either way ~ enjoy.

I am also taking request and ideas for me to take a photo of or topics to talk about.

I took the first photo right between the 2 different sets of lunch tables
*click on them to enlarge

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Photo: Silly faces

     Well here are a few of my photos from photo class. The project was to take 25 photos of yourself and use different filters on them from Photoshop. As you can see I only have 17. I wont be posting all of them cause some are bad and stupid, but maybe I'll add some more in the next week. (I still need to edit 8 more)
~ enjoy. ~
If you are wondering, that would be my hair.

cheesy O_O

Rule of thirds=B-E-A-UTIFUL

rawr (with a light)


My attempt to not have a dark, depressing pic. I was going for cheesy smile.

Every scary movie needs a Cousin It character

please, don't question my arms. I ran out of good pics.


sord of your typical B&W


Jackson Pollock-ish  

I hate the spotlight (is what this picture is trying to convey)


 Tell me your favorites and mine were the #*.
Should I make photo class shoots a regular thing?

Monday, September 3, 2012

Here you go Kyra...Bi to Tri Convo Problem

     I remember hearing your con-fuzzel with Lexie and that other chick (the lurker) on the way home from school friday. I was thinking about this the whole time. Maybe this will solve your problems.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Junior Year is going to suck.

     I have a strong belief that Junior Year is going to suck. Where should I start.
     Over all, There are a crap ton of students at school. But not one of them is one of my top8 (friends), Paigie. There are about 36-42 kids in each class. This population boost happens ever year, but they say there will be done building the new high school by next year. Like always we can blame this from population growth and that leads the surplus of freshmen running around with their heads chopped off. Gawd, I hate freshmen (Yes, i noticed i offended probably 2 people that found this blog; that would be their parents)  with their stereo type of what high school is like vrs. REALITY. The need to over match there clothes and do a cake-face to their pretty face. Even though I bash them, I have a pile of clothes I want to wear myself, but I don't want to give people the illusions that I'm trying to look too decent and maybe even for someone (-___- does this face look like it is for someone). But that is just me and my anxiety and the BLOG THAT EXPLAINS WHY I AM SO PICKY [[CLICK HERE NOW]] .

TAKE A DEEP BREATH...Chem-H rant in a few.

      Speaking about anxiety...I no longer have my awesome physics teacher and chill class. I traded that in for Honors Chem (my first honors class ever), but it is a culture shock. The jokes the teacher (or class) crack aren't even that funny. It could be because I sit in the very back of the room and can't hear or see a darn thing. I couldn't switch desk because the teacher wanted me to see who wouldn't mind my desk and I knew nobody would switch.  There is the constant worry that any second the class will get 10x harder or I will have to present something and the fact that people in that class are semi-cliquey. I have no friends in the class.
     Yah, I know some faces, but its not like they will at least make small talk. My parents (who didn't even push me into the class; i did that) are telling me to stick with it. Saying stupid crap like "It's only been two days" and "you will make friends cause you will bond over group labs" and such.My Mom said stuff like "Well, don't quit if you don't like it, because that is not a good reason. You will have to put up with people later in life [relates to her job]. Also, collage is competitive and this will be the only edge you will get cause you don't to clubs, AP, sports, ect..." I just stare at her like *You told me not to do it cause you thought I can't handle the work!! I did it for collage (it is a weighted class) and so I can punch you in the face next time you call me stupid (if I get a B or better).* The worst is when they take to the elementary days when they tell you to excessively smile and play 20 questions until you find something in common or one gives up.
      I mean it isn't really a hard class (yet). I don't know if I should be saying that yet, because we took an element abbreviation and name game quiz. My anxiety kicked in so much, I only wrote my first name on the quiz. I hope I don't have to retake it cause it got lost in a sea of papers or if I get docked a point. I was worrying that I was taking to long. When I turned it in, I saw only my first name on it. I didn't want to take it back for the question if I was cheating and I was also being lazy. So I made this face xP and walked all they way back to my desk.
     Maybe I can use my IEP card (its like what the school calls "special ed" and the card is a  that will get myself in or out of stuff cause my mom believes that I'm that mental (I will admit to corks, but I get it cause I'm related to her and I have to live with her (and a few childhood tramas). IDC more perks and being pulled from classes for me.). If I could, I would be switching to the other honers class where I at least would have a friend from ASL. I go through these moods to switch and not switch cause of the befits and the learning environments.I guess I feel out of my element when I'm in this class. Pun in tended. (meaning I feel uncomfortable and in a foreign territory if you didn't get the pun).

     Besides that mess of that problem. Kyra and I have been getting to become close friends because everyone else sort of left us (or they are 5 ft away). So its time I dust off my flyers & get some sign twirlers to recruit people.
     Also, it is pretty fcken hot & bright at school. I havn't ordered the sunglasses yet, but my dad is letting me. YAHHHH no glaucoma for me.

But other than that I think my Photo, film History, (maybe) collage algebra trig , ASL, and flim English will be chill. What is your opinion about your classes and school?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Organisation: Love it? Hate it? eh?

     Well we all  know that we should be organised.Some are better then others at being organised, while others can live in completely filthy, Actually come to think about it, its there a whole spectrum of people who are in the middle. The ones with 75% organised, 33% organised, or the ones that can be 90% organised, but it is because they have 0% will power so they are at 12%.
     I my self has realized that I have been getting the need to organize or, as my mom put it, CLEAN. I love the thought finding things you never use and giving it is purpose again. It is also nice to de-clutter your room from the useless crap you had. I always think of giving my friends my unwanted stuff, but I then think "Why the heck would I do that! It would just transfer the clutter to another room and that's bad to do to a friend" and "Why would they want my useless crap anyways? To add it to their shrine of me because we all know Paige has one" (haha JK Paigie). When I get half way to almost done with organizing/cleaning, I stop and think "WTF am I doing?" becaause that's when it is no longer organisation but clean-isation (see what i did there).
     If you haven't noticed, I have tabs on my blogs now. I now can make different segments and such. I will follow up with another blog giving a description of each tab.
     Well enough with me, your probably hopping I will give you tips for back to school or life help. Maybe the only reason your reading this cause of StumbleUpon or your already following me. But any who-daa lets get on with a few tips.

     So if your spring-cleaning your room-
1. Take everything that is out of place and put it on your bed. That junk on your shelf, clothes on the ground, and that snake in your boot. If you already know were the item in question should go then your welcome put it there. Like clothes in the hamper or hanging in the closet. When your done with this task your room should be spot less, but your bed. ***But you cant go to bed unless you find a home for that stuff. This is where you toss it, store it in a spot, or eat it.

2. Vacuum and dust. This one is a must.

3. For drawers mentally label each drawer for one thing. Let it be school suplys, craft stuff, and electronics for your night stand. Shirts, pants, underwear/socks, skirts, and so on for the dresser. Also toss any crap you don't need or use.

4. Tight corners. Look under your bed, and  behind your dresser for stuff. You probably drop somthing down there, was pretending to be a chipmunk, or wanted to make a "clean" get away (that can mean your hidding something or you need to clean so you can do some social activity with your friends ). Whatever the case may be I'm guilty myself.(:

5. Launry Day. Wash your sheets and clothes.

Other tips

1. Using a desk organizer can help. I also take all my school papers that I don't really need , but I keep them for the whole school year in plastic bags and shoe boxes in my closest. You never know when you will need those papers or need something to be in your bonfire.

2.For school, (as you probably know if you read my back to school blog) I stress the fact you should get spiral notebooks for each class you do do your stuff in. "But Kayla I write a lot". Have no fear, just uses one for note taking/classwork and one for homework/classwork (put classwork somewhere). I say  make sure the note taking book is durable because you will need it for the whole semester or maybe even the year. For the other one, just get a 35 cent one from target. Depending on what your teacher is like, they might ask to see your work. So either rip it out or ask if they can turn in your homework notebook.

3. Planers. Use them.

Do you have any tips? list them below.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Public Trolling

     I have always wanted to *Publicly Troll, but I don't have the conformance (or the balls) to.
Just think about it. Walk through a Macy's asking people "What year is it?" and screaming "It worked." with your arms up. If you wanted to act pissed you would stomping your feet and yelling "[friend your with name here], we went back to far" or "[person], we didn't go back far enough". Its funny cause they would suspect you time traveled.
     Publicly Trolling can be really funny. Here are some from YouTube. They are R rated, but it is so funny.

     Ohhh I have some other good ones. Trolling on my mom. Think about it, I just get one of my guy friends and act like we are dating. The trick is that my mom wants to interrogate all my my guy friends, regardless if i like them or not (-_- I don't like them), that's one reason why I don't invite my friends over. 
    Or the next time she kicks me out I'll say I am going to "Brian's" house. Technically "Brian" is fake, but  It would still piss her off. 
    Also, I could practice my acting skills on her. I know I can't practice a Bitchy Teen cause she doesn't put up with that crap, but I can practice others. I can be Negative Nancy, Valley Girl, Depressed Danny, and many more. I don't really need acting practice because I have no need to act. Well If I do stuff with movies when I grow up maybe this would help.
     It my seem like my mom is over protective of me. I don't know why (well I have some ideas). My mom let my sisters hang with her guy friends when my sisters were my age (but that is another story that I don't want to rant). I would never actually troll her because the repercussions could be bad. I rather make myself look like an idiot in public, then act like myself (or a trolled version of myself) around my mom. Cause if you know me, My mom can't handle my awesomeness.
***Publicly Trolling- when you do things that normal people think your either drunk or mentally ill; its also in public
-It makes people wonder WTF and "DID THAT JUST HAPPEN"

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back to School- Advice

I love Bunny, start this at like 2:00. I always want to try new things but I am worried that people will nit-pick me or i don't have the balls to pull ME off.
short story:
1. Do what you want to do even if peers will talk crap about it.
2. Dont take (the bad things) things people say to heart.
3.Have a goal.
- if people critique you they aren't worth it. Anyways you probably wont talk to them after high school.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Random: Wanna See my friends?

Paigiey -



My Non-expert Advice: Back-To-School-My first of a few

Hey, so students are going back to school. I thought I could toss out ideas for these students and maybe have fun doing it. Myself is going to be going to her junior year of high school. I'm glad to go back to see my friends and stop being bored.

so maybe I should start with supplies and tips.

1. Spiral Notebooks-
These help a bunch. I say you should get one for any class you take notes in. If you really want to be organised you can get one to do your homework and one to use for the notes (for each class of ur choosing). It also helps cause you know where your hw is and can tear out paper with out the worry that you will run out of room for your notes.

-I had a note book for my Algebra 2 and Physics class.My physics was a little more messy cause I also did class book work by my notes. I'll be stocking up on these so I can be more organized. If your lucky, buy them in bulk (or get the ones with more than 70pgs).

well this will be the first year I wont be using my sisters old backpack. I had the same power Blue jansport bag since 3rd grade (the type with 27 pockets). I send that to get fixed over Christmas, but it took longer than expected. So I used a dark blue one (2 pockets-less nerdy/looked cooler) that got holes in it.
-also try NOT to over pack. Hey on the first day the teacher doesn't really care if you have 64 crayons and a built-in pencil sharpener. People will say "good for you" =l * SARCASTICALLY*.

3. Binder, dividers, loose paper, and a Binder Pouch
(&the necessary stuff that goes a binder or pouch.You don't need a hole  puncher.)
This one is pretty self-explanatory. Pick one u like, style it or not, fill it with Funions...IDC.
I personally don't care to personalize it. I use printer paper and change the color from now or then and add ransom slips of paper or notes/reminders. Also I love the dividers with the pockets, but if you like folders then rock that too.
-Look around your house for usable pens, pencils, and highlighters. You don't really need to buy more unless you need more led, erased your erasers, lost them, they broke (talking about mechanical ones), ect ect...

4. Lunch
Bring one, buy one, beg your buddies, go out to eat (if open campus), eat out of the trash can, or starve.

5. Random stuff to bring:
1. mint gum-but don't trust the saying "giving free gum=more friends"

2. a "first aid kit" (i call it that)- it has extra Bobbie pins, hair ties, Advil, a band-aid or 2, "girly tissues", chap-stick,  floss/a floss pick, ect.. just put this all in a pouch and you should be good.

-I also use this as a good time to get rid of my bad Bobbie pins and hair ties by giving them to people when they "barrow". I am always sad when they give it back.

3. A calculator for math/science

4. Water- inside of a water bottle... in case you wondered.

5.Phone/ Carrier pigeon- what i don't judge.

6. If you have a chill class and a battery that keeps dying . bring your charger. That's why you make friends with the teacher. :D

7. FRIENDS - what? some people don't have friends. Be glad you have the ones that you question why they like your weird pants. And make your weird pants befriend those lonely pants.

8. (my favorite number) remember to eat breakfast, wear clothes, and a smile. Uber cheesy, but maybe you smile will brighten someones day. --SUPPER CHEESY!

 9. Hand sanitizer - cause people are filthy and I need to get rid of my crap from Christmas.

!0: What you find necessary- Planner, PE clothes, French Book, soccer ball, ect...

Other tips
1. if you think you are smelly use deodorant over a $70 perfume. If you need to you can use a body slash, but don't bring it. It will spill and you will over use it. When you over use it, it repels more people than it attracts.

2. FRESHMEN: the first week of school is not a beauty pageant. Lay off the overly perfect outfits, cake face, and heels. You more approachable (and look less plastic) and like school more if you are dressed comfortable. Casual clothes has perks too!

3. Get a good nights rest. I'm trying to get back to my sleep scheduled, but it is hard. Try to work on it 2-3 weeks before school.

4.  Try not to procrastinate. "Better said then done, Kay!" Yes, I know. If your going to procrastinate at least get/make a planner. So you have a set schedule.

5. When you get your classes map them out on the map. If needed.Freshmen, this would be a good time to see if your friends cross paths during passing period (if you have time to chat) and decide where you should eat lunch. My school lets us eat wherever, but I am deeply sorry if you still have to sit in a lunch room.
My Room like 40% into my Back-to-School cleaning.

6. Clean your room. This one will help you bring in the new school year. Think about it. "A cluttered room, is a cluttered mind". Get rid of the clutter and toss the junk so you can be organised and free. This is a good time to see what school supplies you have around to use, what junk should be use up, and what should be be trashed or donated.

**Well if you have any tips list them below. You are welcome to ask me any questions or help me decide on my next blog topic.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What's The Babble: Hair Scandal!

Come on, her hair cut looks cute (aka Miley Cyrus).
The people say that it is ugly cause of the second pic.
UPDATE: I heard that she donated her locks. GOOD FOR MILEY!

Miley Cyrus's hair actually looks good in this picture, your all overreacting.

***but i did love these...lolz.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Zzz Zzz Zzz...

1 sheep, 2 sheep, 3 sheep...Zzz Zzz Zzz
(Well i finally chose a topic to babble about.)
Everyone sleeps. Some sleep more than others and others sleep less than some people. Doctors say we need make time to be with our pillow for 8 hours. I know people that can survive on 6, while others NEED their 10 or 12 hours.
Now all those facts rattling in that sleepy or well rested brain of yours. May I ask you if you know what happens when you sleep?  Majority of the time when I sleep it feels like I was MIA for those last hours. They pasted for what seamed like a few minutes. Just like the feeling if you were knocked out, but without pain. Think about it, you were staring at the back of your eyelids for hours.
Some people say that they dream. I rarely dream, but it helps if I'm sleeping in a different location (friends house or couch) or did something out of the ordinary (eat different foods, different sleep schedule, ect.). When I dream I only can catch parts of my dream. My last 2 dreams were of me stealing my mom's car and being a hooligan with it. This is because I got my driver permit last month. I even remember having a dream when my sister was doing her drivers training. I had a dream that she was driving me and my other sister. We were driving on an on ramp to the freeway, but my sister drove us off. We flew through the sky like the way most cartoons do. Before I could cuss out my sister I woke up. I always hate that "roller coaster, tummy in your throat" feeling.
The fear of my sister driving is what made me remember my dream. Some people tell me that you dream everyday, but you don't always remember those dreams when you wake. Some people keep journals near them to jot down their dreams so they don't forget it.
Maybe they wright it down so they can dream about it later? I remember waking from dreams that I wanted to see what would happen next. Like a page turner, but for dreams. Sadly I could never choose what to dream of. I believe they come from a thought in the back of your mind or a fear that is thrived by imagination.
Some dreams can have a mystical meanings behind them. While others can keep little kids up for mistaking a sweater in the closet for a scary blue monster. Maybe if those kids thought that sweater was a nice, giant, blue, fluffy dog. They wouldn't have a nightmare and there family can all go to sleep.
Well with school approaching, I need to go back to my old sleep schedule. I have been going to bed around 2:30AM and waking at around noon. I'm doing better. I try to wake up earlier, but I cant always go to bed . I am a night owl! I stare at the ceiling until 2 comes around. I am not an insomniac, but maybe it would help if I didn't listen to Owl City (he is an insomniac). Technology is my downfall. One more song turns to four, then six or one more YouTube video turns into eight. I need to learn when to flip the switch off, because its not healthy to be nocturnal in a diurnal world . I might turn into a scary blue monster if i don't get my beauty sleep.