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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Organisation: Love it? Hate it? eh?

     Well we all  know that we should be organised.Some are better then others at being organised, while others can live in completely filthy, Actually come to think about it, its there a whole spectrum of people who are in the middle. The ones with 75% organised, 33% organised, or the ones that can be 90% organised, but it is because they have 0% will power so they are at 12%.
     I my self has realized that I have been getting the need to organize or, as my mom put it, CLEAN. I love the thought finding things you never use and giving it is purpose again. It is also nice to de-clutter your room from the useless crap you had. I always think of giving my friends my unwanted stuff, but I then think "Why the heck would I do that! It would just transfer the clutter to another room and that's bad to do to a friend" and "Why would they want my useless crap anyways? To add it to their shrine of me because we all know Paige has one" (haha JK Paigie). When I get half way to almost done with organizing/cleaning, I stop and think "WTF am I doing?" becaause that's when it is no longer organisation but clean-isation (see what i did there).
     If you haven't noticed, I have tabs on my blogs now. I now can make different segments and such. I will follow up with another blog giving a description of each tab.
     Well enough with me, your probably hopping I will give you tips for back to school or life help. Maybe the only reason your reading this cause of StumbleUpon or your already following me. But any who-daa lets get on with a few tips.

     So if your spring-cleaning your room-
1. Take everything that is out of place and put it on your bed. That junk on your shelf, clothes on the ground, and that snake in your boot. If you already know were the item in question should go then your welcome put it there. Like clothes in the hamper or hanging in the closet. When your done with this task your room should be spot less, but your bed. ***But you cant go to bed unless you find a home for that stuff. This is where you toss it, store it in a spot, or eat it.

2. Vacuum and dust. This one is a must.

3. For drawers mentally label each drawer for one thing. Let it be school suplys, craft stuff, and electronics for your night stand. Shirts, pants, underwear/socks, skirts, and so on for the dresser. Also toss any crap you don't need or use.

4. Tight corners. Look under your bed, and  behind your dresser for stuff. You probably drop somthing down there, was pretending to be a chipmunk, or wanted to make a "clean" get away (that can mean your hidding something or you need to clean so you can do some social activity with your friends ). Whatever the case may be I'm guilty myself.(:

5. Launry Day. Wash your sheets and clothes.

Other tips

1. Using a desk organizer can help. I also take all my school papers that I don't really need , but I keep them for the whole school year in plastic bags and shoe boxes in my closest. You never know when you will need those papers or need something to be in your bonfire.

2.For school, (as you probably know if you read my back to school blog) I stress the fact you should get spiral notebooks for each class you do do your stuff in. "But Kayla I write a lot". Have no fear, just uses one for note taking/classwork and one for homework/classwork (put classwork somewhere). I say  make sure the note taking book is durable because you will need it for the whole semester or maybe even the year. For the other one, just get a 35 cent one from target. Depending on what your teacher is like, they might ask to see your work. So either rip it out or ask if they can turn in your homework notebook.

3. Planers. Use them.

Do you have any tips? list them below.


  1. Shrine? Psh...I don't kn-n-now what you're t-t-talking about...*starts sweating profusely*

    Hm, can't think of any organization tips at the moment. You pretty much covered it all.
    *thumbs up :D*

    P.s. CORN BEEF.