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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Pokemon Go: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Pokemon go has taken the world by poliwag storm. Everyone is playing it and it is the top grossing app since the first week of it's release. It attracted people by being nostalgia memories from their 90s childhood with the convenience of being a free app* (well some in-app purchases for user to choose). It also brought a lot of new people to the world of pokemon. I am stuck wondering if this game does more good than bad tho. What do you think?

The Good

People are outside more and off their asses and moving. People finally have a reason to get out and do stuff. Go to a new location just to see if there are other types of pokemon and pokestops, They might meet others who also love the game and share tips. Tips are needed since the app doesn't explain itself well. They need a walk through tutorial of the game to be made for players to see how to play. I went the first two days and didn't know you had to flip the pokestop to get prizes out of it. Make sure you put on sunscreen before your adventures. I got a small burn when I went out. First time you can do that and get exercise while playing a game.

The Bad
Yeah they are outside, but people are still on their phones. This encourages people to be on their phones more than ever before. It just brought this problem outside. People are zombies when they play. A person with their face down and walking around in circles is the easiest way to spot a user of the app. People need their eyes up to see where they are going. Pokemon, isn't something a group of kids should be getting together to just walk and stare at phones. People need to value their time they have with the people around them, not the number of Pokemon they have in an app. They need to disconnect from their phones and connect and socialize with people. 

The app is not even that great. This is a very simple beta version of the app. The gyms suck and pokestops take forever to load. Some pokestops and gyms should be reconsidered of their location and the journey to get there. People grieving shouldn't have to see Pokemon Go trainers walk across a cemetery to get to a stop.
I don't get it why people would pay money for in-app purchases for a game that was so badly made. They are too lazy to walk to a pokestop for more balls or something? Yeah the servers are handling a butt-ton of users, but it keeps crashing. Draining battery and data was a given but the battery usage of the app needs to last longer. I am looking forward to updates of this app. It has potential. The idea of an AR app is in the pre-historic dinosaur stage. Cool to play with one but there is more work to be done.I personally don't use my camera cause I believe it kills more battery and makes catching harder.

The Ugly

Safety is a big concern of mine. These days I don't trust people to not fuck shit up for the rest of us. Too many times companies get sued cause their family member was a dumbass for texting, snapping, and soon to be pokemon-going. Yes, I'll admit to using my phone for things in the car but I keep it at a bare min. I know people will try to use their car to cheat. There are rumors of speed limits on the app which limits cars to help hatch your pokemon.

It would be nice to see this game improve or even evolve into something better than this. If it wasn't for the nostalgia game, people would rip this beta game to shreds. If the game is going to make people walk around find the safest way to encourage them to do it.

First! The game needs to be able to run the background. I have so many wasted steps untracked since my screen wasn't on with the app open. Running in the background won't already reward me for the steps I already take to hatch my eggs, but encourage people to look up more instead of being poke-zombies. Nintendo created the Pokewalker which does all the things that the app should be able to do.  It ca count your steps, help you use your Pokemon to catch another, allow trading and finding items, and help level up your pokemon. The company of the app (Nintendo, Niantic or otherwise) should take that concept of step walking reward system and apply it to the app.  People should be rewarded by the number of steps they take. Instead, people are rewarded by loitering around a shop and flicking a circle every 5 minutes.

Second! There needs to be an alert system. Most apps have it. It will pop up like a text so people can look up from their phone. Spend the majority of the time being outside and exploring their town. Yes it is a game and this might make the game too easy to be ignored and forgotten about without the users constant attention. Those are two things game makers don't want to happen. However with the concept of this active game there needs to be a way that all users can play without being glued to their phone.

Third! (Final) I would like to see the since of community on the game. I want to see other players on my map and be able to friend the ones I run into in-person. I want friends be able to contact each other when they are distant and I want all in-person trainers be able to trade items or pokemon. Also I want to give the trainers to be able to choose how much information they feel comfortable giving out if this game becomes more social. Since safety is my biggest concern and this game can be dangerous at times, people should be given the ability to protect their privacy when playing.

I have yet to decide if this game is good or bad. It is entertaining and I am excited to see what new updates will bring.What are your thoughts of the game? Is there anything else to improve?
Please let me know in the comments bellow.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Scholarship: The Chill Pill

     I ave entered another scholarship. The prompt was interesting.
“If you could say one thing to the entire world at once, what would it be and why?"
I decited to make it a bit ironic and dramatic. I hope Paige enjoys it!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Zombie Apocalypse Scholarship 2013 . . . OR MY NEW BOOK?

     I found a fun scholarship to write for. Here my entry and the guide lines. Let me know if you injoyed it and want a part two.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Vidcon DFTBA : '013 (Part one)

All of this was made possible by the brothers
...and Mom and Grandma.
     This past weekend my friends (Paige and Jackie) and I took the train to go to Vidcon (Aug 1-4). It was awesome. My mother got me my ticket for my birthday and my grandma (dad's mom; if you wondered) let us crash at her place for the duration of the weekend. She lives like less then a mile away from the convention so it was perfect...PURRRRRfect..

(click on links for hidden surprises
also I'll be posting a part two more about my thoughts,  &opinions, and my errrs & ahhhhhs. So stay tuned for that.)

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Youtube: A Few of My Internet Friends (part 1)

    Hey with Vidcon '013 approaching and  the sudden want to through my mother into the loop of all thing that are cool, awesome, and dare I say "hip", I might as well share with you guys a few of my favorite people.
- They aren't in any biast order. I just feel like the list should be numbered.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tahoe Trip (Summer 2013)

     Well two week ago I ventured off on a 9 hour drive to a land with trees, a lake, spontaneous nose bleeds, trees, my cousins, and . . .ohhh did I mention the trees."What town is this?" - Says person who didn't read the title. It was the southern part of Tahoe.
pictures of the tasting room
     My cousins beautiful house literally on the lake. They had kayaks and stand-up paddle boards. I prefer the kayaks, not only because of KAY, but also I can't balance of the life of me and wasn't in the mood for the chilly swim. On Independence day we took the boat out on the lake and watched the fireworks from the lake-shore.
     Also by the lake-shore, my Aunt and Uncle has their own a wine tasting room in Heavenly Village. It is called Red Poets and Skyhawk Lanes Wines and they even have an running ad. Its on YouTube, but it won't post on here for some reason. It a cool video for me cause I see Aunt Pia (our left) and my Papa (center) at 0:10 and Aunt Renee at 0:17. I must say even though I don't drink (for some odd reason ;), I hear their wine is great and you should check them out if you get the chance to.
     While I was there I got a chance bond a little with my crazy smart cousins, Sarah (my age) and Alec (about 2 years younger), that I see about once or twice a year. Sarah is taking AP History (it was world or euro. I don't recall which one.) and Alec is taking Spanish 3 this summer. They make it feel like people would laugh when I showed up with not even 18 physics questions for the summer. **PSHHHHH Sarah reads 30 pages from her history book a night and Alec has to weekly talk to his teacher over the phone IN SPANISH**. 
     One night they managed to find some time to watch Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Our parents came home from dinner (yah without us D:) and watch with us. I keep on thinking Ferris is Michael J. Fox, but it was Matthew Broderick. They look like twins to me.
     Also they have pretty cool pets.

Mr. Whiskers 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summer 2013

    Well I finally did it (notice how I cut the crap about my leave of absence ;). WELL I AM FINALLY DONE WITH JUNIOR YEAR.
     Well it is bitter sweet. With high school getting cooler and cooler each day I attend (and I attended literally each day...literally...even when they said I didn't have too), I found the summer vacation calling to me.
     In the last few months since I talked, I managed to get my licence. That is :D and D:
:D because now my worry of my permit expiring is gone and I can drive if needed. But I D: because I never have actually driven alone and thinking of that is some scary stuff man. The closest is when my dad acts distracted by being on his phone as I drive. That sort of makes it feel like I am driving all by my lone-some and helps ease the transition. Next to driving, I managed to have at least 5 A's (one is a secret ninja of a B, grade that is, because chem is weighted). The six class, history, is probably a non-ninja B because the final was hard man.
     Well now that that school year is done with I have like 9 weeks of nothing to do. I am thinking of getting a job, but anxiety is holding me back. It is a combination of seeing people I know from my school, but I don't know them enough to converse with, worry of not being professional enough, and unable to help out customers. But hey maybe I will be the type that can work through a task even with the stress. Looking back at it, I even impressed my self with how I handled the stress of being part of the small props group with my school's giant ASL show.
    I don't know if I'll even get hired. But next week I am walking over to a near by shopping area and seeing what places need the extra help and see if I am up for that specific challenge.
     Next to probably not getting a job, I am heading to Tao to hang with the cousins in a few weeks so look out for a post about it by the middle of July. Also before I go, I need to go to the Del Mar Fair. I have a free ticket cause I entered a picture of my dog (see the pic in my last blog) and I want to see - *BREAKING NEWS* This just in (thanks to Brenda looking to see how I did) . I got second place for the third year not in a row - It's good that I got got second because this year I am in the High School division and the last two times I was in with Middle School division (because it was 7th and 8th grade; La-tee-daa to why I was in that age group). So competition is tougher this year and I manged to keep my 2nd place record, witch is better than getting the dreaded 3rd place or lower. Well even though I know what I got, I still should go because I got that free ticket. :D
     Also this summer I hope to use up or toss all the crap I don't need. Kind of like a summer cleaning, were I just organize my room. I most definitely won't do it all in one day, but over time I'll consolidate all the piles of paper and school work from the school year and then burn them at the stake...when I get around to it. Cause my life is so busy! (sarcasm)  But all jokes aside, I only do about 70% of that organizing because by 71% you look around and say "WHAT THE FREAK am I doing?!?" and the organizing gets boring. So you shove everything in one box or drawer and go watch YouTube.
       Also, I am super stoked to go to Vidcon for my birthday in August, It will be a blast, but the down side is that summer will be almost over by then.


I GOT A 4.17 GPA!!!!! 
That's strait A's!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Me in ten minutes-Whats on my mind

   So long time no see...yada-yada...Sorry I am not sorry. I just was lazy. So like the title says, lets see how much I can write in the next 10 minuets.

So I am now only 4 episodes behind on The Walking Dead, nobody spoil stuff for me! I haven't watched Breaking Bad since like Christmas.

I debate about vlogging , as stupid as it sounds (haters going to hate), just to play around with my camera. I might start with a How to cooking video...if you have a better idea? Please speak up.

April is about over and that means an handful of things.
Iron Man 3, Star Trek, and Great Gatsby comes out in the beginning of the month.
I would freaken watch Iron Man 47 if they created that many. I am mostly stoked for Star Trek. While I liked Gatsby the book worrie that Gatsby will be full of baloney (cliches and overly dramatic) 

I managed to pick a photo for the Del Mar Fair. Hopfuly this year I will get a first place, if not I don't mind my hat-trick of 2nd place. I'll post my picture once I see that my teacher has made everything offical and what-not.

times up