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Monday, December 31, 2012


I'm thinking of starting a new thing which I will randomly state 25 things. (Which means this wont last long.) I will post one when I have completed 25 random things to say. These could be witty things I want to say, small little notes to myself, or stuff out of context that I found funny.

1. I think Khloe has a crush on Khan.
(see pic for better understanding)

2.I wish I was more productive.

3. My Korks: My eyes are supper ubber sensitive. If I laugh too much or the sun dares to shine in my B-EA-UTIFULLL eyes, the sprinklers turn on. The sun are my eyes kryptonites.

4. My sister, Smelly Melly, has been doing a great job of bragging, raving, and talking up my blog. You earned a gold star Mel, you are truly a good noodle (SpongeBob reference). Unfortunately, that attracted the family's attention. While my personally with my friends vrs. My fam are worlds apart  I worry, for their safety,  the culture shock will be to much for their hearts & stomachs. As this is My Blog I plan to post as I please and what I please (protected by an amendment). That even means if I choose to be a grammar Jew, don't be a grammar Nazi. Maybe that wasn't the best analogy  but u get where I'm going. If u have a problem, my sister's & friend's blog are on the side or u can read other blogs by hitting "next blog" by the URL address.

5. Blehhh.

6. My favorite music right now:

 Modest Mouse's album Good News for People Who Like Bad News

the beatles-
The Ballad Of John And Yoko
Lady Madonna
Paperback Writer
(yah I'm years late but I jacked 1 from my sister)

newest favorites
Fast car-Tracy Chapman
Under the Bridge-Red hot chili peppers
Shake Me Down- Cage the Elephant
DashboardFire it Up, and Miss the Boat-all by Modest Mouse but different CD

***this is getting too long I need to put an end to it.
Thanks Mel for letting me "barrow" your CDs.

7. Movies that people say are good and I have yet seen: Argo, Wreck it Ralph*, Looper, Cloud Atlas, Lincoln, Django Unchained, Pulp Fiction, The Christmas Story, Ted ...Missing anything?
(*I saw it, the others are by other peoples opinion/review)

8. Kyra is very charismatic and cool. I hope it rubs off on me.
Paige and Kayla are lovely bloggers. I hope Kyra finds the time to reset her forgotten password so she can blog.
It ain't that hard, Kyra. Ain't hard at all!

9. I have noticed that I have been getting more peeved with people since the ASL show, 2 months ago.
During that week, Madison and I just wanted to murder people.

10. If you ask a stupid question, prepare to get a Stoopider answer.

11. I get annoyed/peeved when people (mostly comes from adults) think I am stupid and naggs to me about things.

Examples: "ok guys don't be lolly gagging on your way to school"-anonymous
Anonymous: Don't be playing your games or doing your iTunes when you should be studying.

12. better be subscribe to these people on the Youtube or GTFO: Sxephil or/& SourceFed , Jennamarbles, danisnotonfire, Smosh, Rhettandlink, Mikefalzone

13. I am sick with the sniffles. It sucks cause you can't smell your Bath and Body Works candles and my brownies.

14. My dad told me to lower my standards.6_6

15. Thanks Mel for that bag of Finnish stuff.
 Thanks Steve for the Macy's card!
Thanks Paigie Poo for the Hedbanz game!
Thanks Kyra for the body butters.
Thanks Sergio for the ring and the poster.

16. It is nearly impossible for me to get an A- in math this semester. The next chapter and the final are the only factors that can change my grade. I need an A on both of them. Don't get me wrong, I'll try, but it is impossible.
I think I might have a better chance trying to get an A- in history, but it is almost as hard.
I am trying to get my chemistry(Honors) grade to an A- because it is weighted and the A will help cover for not having an A in Algebra or history. Currently it is busy covering its own butt.
Photo, ASL, and English are already A's. But I do worry about English because the grade is never updated. I always complete all my work to the best of my ability and on time, so it should be an A.

17. I want to watch Emperor's New Groove, but it is on VHS. #firstworldproblems

18. Instagram
Dear Allie, 
This video. 
lil sis Kayla

someone needs to giff 1:52

19: My Korks: I carry my binder around school because I don't know what to do with my hands when I strut around campus or when I talk with my friends. Folding your arms is bed body language in ASL and hanging by my side is just weird to me. I am scared if I do that because I may resort to Adventure Timing my arms >~~~~~O_O~~~~~< (that means flailing in ~ shape). I guess, I am a fidgeter.

20. It would be an understatement to say that I am obsessed with ebay.
I might do a ebay haul SOON...

21. I make brownies for my friends and pasted them out at school Friday. They kept on saying "Wow Kayla, these brownies actually taste good!". In my head I was laughing*What? Did you think I couldn't make good brownies*.

22. My other blogger of a sister came home the 22nd. She was away for 6 months. Now she left for New York.

23. happynewyears

24. Going to C Life of π with Madison. Better bring some earplugs

25. I am going to have breakfast now.
#coolstorybro #tellitagain

for the readers:

As cheesey as this may be. Here are random Q for you.

1.What did you get for christmass?
2.What did you last eat/drink?
3.What are you watching? (in general; pick something you like or something you have been watching a lot)
8. Did you notice that I didn't type #4?
4. Favorite color & top 3 songs.
5. NIE (New, Interesting, Exciting)?
I do this in Englsih, you share something that is NIE
-don't have a NIE, DENIAL.


  1. Woah, so much going on in this post! But I guess I'll just answer the questions.
    1) ya already know
    2) pb&j toast and water
    3) don't watch much t.v...mostly because we have like -1 channels
    8) nope, kayla you sly dog
    4) at the moment, forest green, and as for songs, a few good ones are: she wants - metronomy, flashlight - the front bottoms, everyone is golden - portugal. the man
    5) aw, i remember this from mr. brandmeyer's class, and i don't have anything NIE to share :(

    1. D:
      Yah,I worried about this post being too sporadic, but I already wrote it and I didn't want it to go to wast.
      haha WOOF WOOF!
      And Idk you had brandmuffen freshman year!:O

    2. No, I didn't mean that in a bad way! It's just that there were so many things I wanted to comment on, but I was too lazy to type out like 2 paragraphs in the comments. 'Twas a good post, my friend.
      And yeah, I did. He was the best!

    3. yah, you shouldn't seen it when I edited this post.
      I took out some parts because they were too far fetched.
      I took out a part that I explained which songs of that album I liked because it was just jumbled up words and kaybabble talk.

  2. 1. You already know
    2. water (of course)
    3. switched at birth
    8. yes lol
    4. purple and take a walk, midnight city, and idk what else
    5. its 2013! (im so obvious) hehe.