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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Back to the...Storyboarding

     Recently, I have a lot of time on my hands. Maybe this is because 4 weeks ago I had the ASL  Show (Where my ASL class preformed songs in ASL ) and that took 2 nights of 5 hour practice and 2 nights of 2 hour performance. That is when I learned to be more productive with the time I have on hand...Maybe I am just getting better at getting my my time management-To that i say "HAHA." Maybe my teachers are giving out less work, because I can't tell you the last time I had English homework.
     In English and History, we have been learning about film elements. Please don't get your panties in a twist, the classes are made to learn though the use of film and the exploration of the film elements. Every once and a while, I have moments when I wanted to go strait home, dust off my DSLR, and try to film something, anything, just to experiment with. But when I arrived home, stuffing my face with food and plopping myself in front of the talking box sounds better. Little do I know that my work will soon be plastered in the media that I was consuming.(And I'm not talking about the food) Haha...I am being full of myself. But hey, you never know! :D
     As of right now I have no inspiration for a big blockbuster movie, but I just wished to find a scene to fiddle around with my camera and moviemaker. Something that I can practice filming with multiple angles and get a feel for stuff. Then as reaching over for a tissue, that was out of my reach, it hit me. I remember watching a silly YouTube video of a guy tiring to reach the TV remote from his bed, but it was out of stretching distance. He made it so dramatic...well it is not really that dramatic, but it does earn some TeeHee's (SHOUT OUT too any Nigahiga fans out there?).
     Also during lunch yesterday some of my friends came up with the idea to make a movie. I don't know if we are actually go through with it, but whatever. Now it will be cool tiring to brainstorm a scrip and whatnot. I mean I thought about interviewing one of my friend's about her weird dreams and maybe create a scene that follows the idea that she gave me.
     Come to think about it, my last movies I filmed were pretty much the same. In 8th grade, I made a movie for English about a girl who gets kidnapped and I played the role of the girl. Then last year, in ASL II, the project was to make a movie using medical signs and I played the role of the injured girl. This year in photo, I played a roll of a girl that got chased and then headbutted to the ground. I was technically the star roll in all of them, but that was because of default. Both of them involved my character to get physically harmed by the bad guy and cops (& a doctor for the ASL one, and a wizard for the photo one) had to help save me.I need more variation. I need a new story plot.
      So for now I'll keep you posted about my movie related things.


  1. How about we release a pilot. C what happenes

  2. Sure.
    Or we can make a movie commercial "for said movie" and if that works out we can elaborate from there.
    OR OR OR
    In the beginning we can make little skits, like the ones from SNL (but we create our own). Then when have a good system of doing things down, we can work more on detailed and complex projects.

  3. The fact that u went through all the trouble to give me options, tells me that u think my idea is gay. -____-

    1. I "think [our] idea is gay. -____-."??? WTF!

      GAWD, Sensitive much! I am sorry if your Butthurt. I was just suggesting options. Even if you can't take that criticism then...m-mm-MAYBE WE SHOULDN'T WORK TOGETHER!!! :P

      Maybe my sister wife/husband/wifie can help me achieve my dreams.

    2. JK...we all know Kyra is no help when it comes to electronics.

      I'll also be the unsensitive one here and put your worries at ease because my last comment was a joke.

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    1. is it past your bed time?
      You look like you can use some sleep.