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New to my blog

     Well congrats you stumbled on my blog and more importantly this page. Where to start...Oh, I am sorry I forgot to welcome you. WELCOME TO MY BLOG. Good that is out of the way.
     I am a blogger, like you didn't know that, "Tell me something I don't know, Lady". Just, please... let me go on before you throw your tomatoes. I very witty, cool, and my friends are pretty cool too. *The 2 friends there turn apple red and sink in their seat to act nonexistent. Then a man in the 5th row seat J, chucked a tomato, I slide to my left, and then back again. It misses. I chuckle and audience sighs/moans*  Now we are done with the BS into, as you can tell I don't like talking about myself like that way, you will probable formulate who I am by my blog, unless you know me personally. (80% of my members do)
     To navigate around my blog:
     You will see labels at the top. 
  1. Random- for short blogs that I rote in a short amount of time or the.
  2. Babbles- are blogs that I will normally pick one topic, depending how good I stay on topic if it will only be one topic, that I will use to chat about my opinions with.
  3. High School- stuff about school or what relates to my school
  4. What the Babble?- Like "The 411" or TMZ, but chances are that it will be posted after everyone is done being obsessed or when the topic is no longer "News" on the topic. I'll try to get them up the day of the scandal or what-not. I might updated them if I get more info or clarification. A good example would be my Miley Cyrus Hair cut post.
  5. OMG I Want That- Stuff I want...I debate about removing this, but it will come in handy for the holidays ;D
  6. Photo Class- Stuff I do in photo class
  7. Movie Club- Stuff that I feel like bloging about my film classes. I take a Film history and English. I don't know if it will interest you but whatever ITS MY BLOG. xP
  8. Non-Expert Advice- my advice that shouldn't be taken heavily, caution and cognitivness  is advise.
  9. maybe I'll make more later...
     On the sides you will see the click-able. I recommend looking at my friend's blogs and comment on their blogs so that they know that you are from TeamCoolKids (still working on the name, help me?). If you are new, your welcome to comment. I always wonder how many people read my blog, but don't comment. If you want to.You can post any question to anything on my blog, thanks. Other info. If you notice, I maybe be not have the best grammar or spelling. Please don't be a Grammar Nazi and I am sorry if you are reading this in a foreign language, good luck with the Google Translate.  

My name usernames. Back in like 8th grade, my friend read a book that had a girl that is named Kayla in it. When people herd her spoke and they didn't understand her at times (maybe because we would try to explain how stuff clicks in our brain, but it sounds odd to people...idk my friend was the one who read the book). They called this confusion "Kay Babble". Like her, when I was younger family said that they don't understand a few things I say so I stoll this name because I babble to. Funny thing is that I don't read the House of Night books. Bunch of stupid vampires and then the reading part. The "On" part from my blog name came from "Rock On!", that part was spur of the moment. I think I was listing to Muse or M83 (Midnight City) or some rock song/band when I thought of that. The Kay came from Kayla (Duh, but if you wondered). If you see 808 that came from my birth date. I use to use ziggy808 as a username, ziggy was my childhood cat that was gray with a zig-zag tail. I was an obsessed crazy old cat lady for my early years, people still don't notice I grew out of that, --but that is a different story. Since she ran away 6 years ago, I retired her name.

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