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Monday, April 29, 2013

Me in ten minutes-Whats on my mind

   So long time no see...yada-yada...Sorry I am not sorry. I just was lazy. So like the title says, lets see how much I can write in the next 10 minuets.

So I am now only 4 episodes behind on The Walking Dead, nobody spoil stuff for me! I haven't watched Breaking Bad since like Christmas.

I debate about vlogging , as stupid as it sounds (haters going to hate), just to play around with my camera. I might start with a How to cooking video...if you have a better idea? Please speak up.

April is about over and that means an handful of things.
Iron Man 3, Star Trek, and Great Gatsby comes out in the beginning of the month.
I would freaken watch Iron Man 47 if they created that many. I am mostly stoked for Star Trek. While I liked Gatsby the book worrie that Gatsby will be full of baloney (cliches and overly dramatic) 

I managed to pick a photo for the Del Mar Fair. Hopfuly this year I will get a first place, if not I don't mind my hat-trick of 2nd place. I'll post my picture once I see that my teacher has made everything offical and what-not.

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