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Friday, November 9, 2012

How to Become Charismatic

     So you want to be more Charismatic? *You shake head (left-right)* No? Well then do you want to look more friendly? *Silence, followed by no comment* Well, you at least want to trick people into thinking you are friendly? * "Ehhhh" and ehhhh faces D: * Ok Great :D we are getting somewhere.
     I on the other hand would love to enlighten you...But even more I would like to do my part and help rid the world of self centered people ("my friend" is the best example). Maybe I can almost do this by teaching them how to communicate to a point to when they could help trick people in to thinkin-- (i was going to say "thinking that they aren't  shallow or narcissistic")--ehhh what is the use. Just read my list and use it for whatever reason you may need.

This can be narrowed in to a few steps.

1) Acting interested in convocation
-There are times when you should be doing little to no multitasking when hanging with your friends.
When I learned ASL, They teach you to have your full attention on the other person. Well that can be a bit creepy if you stare, flat-faced, at the person. Taking stuff like that into consideration, you can at least take a headphone out, stop txting as much, or getting your nose out of your kindle. Yet again at times it is ok to txt, but not to much or it is disrespectful.

Example: One day during lunch my friend was like 2 feet away from my group of friends eating .When we would be talking she would let out a loud laugh or exaggerated her speech. It over powered our conversation and was very annoying. She did this for like 30 minuets of lunch.

Example: I was in my friend's car and she was listening to her iPhone  I ask for her to turn it down cause the stupid One Direction was making it where I can't here my own thoughts. SHE HAD HER FLIPPIN HEADPHONES IN TOO. She looked at me, shook her head, and laughed. Her mom did a more subtle laugh that meant "hey my daughter is being a rude brat, but I am not going to stop her"

2) Body Language
I hated being in elementary school and every one sat on the same side of the lunch table. You had to yell down the row of people to talk to a person. That's why I liked sitting on the other side so I can actually talk to people.
What I am trying to get at is that pick a good angle.Also,like in ASL, eye contact is good,but not too much or it be weird.

Example: When my friend met my other friend for the first time, she showed no eye contact and he called her out on it.

3) cheese stuff.
  • Be confident - my favorite saying is "You're only human." so it is ok to screw up and laugh it off
  • Humor is always great--if you use it correctly and not stupidly
  • Be Ethical- look at stuff in different perspectives, in the other's shoes, ect.
  • Take put downs like a grain of salt, but if you can't tell them in a way that doesn't sound whinny. Come backs are great too.
  • What did I miss?

4) What I tend to do...
I tend to ask questions about the other person to get the conversation running. And what is great to do is if they/you throw the same question back that you/they asked them. This shows that they/you are interested to hear their response to the question. I tend to call this as the Meet-Me-Half-Way method. This is also a good chance to see if they care enough to through the question back at you or they don't or/and rather talk about something different.

5) other/fill-in later/What are your thoughts?

 See this for more info:

Once again, here is this if you have another problems. I have yet found a use for it. Oh, when I do, ill for sure tell you.


  1. My uncle google+-ed this
    I feel COOL!

    Like that moment when you get a gold star from your teacher.

    Side Note: I got 96.3% (26 out of 27) on my ChemH test. WOOT!
    B- here I come!

  2. OHMYGOD. Are you referring to the time Sergio called me out when I wasn't looking at him while talking? Who told you that, you weren't there!

    1. I wont tell because I know how you will beat them up!

      HEY, why didn't you say anything about ME calling you 2 my real friends vs "my friend" (u SHOULD know who that girl is)? Pshhhh someone thinks negatively, maybe I need to blog about how not to be negative and how to be positive. But I would be a hypercrit if I did that. ;D

      Anyways, I didn't do any name dropping...but you just did. So now people know it was you two. More I think about it, Kyra would have done the name dropping if you didn't. xP

      Ok fine, I will tell you. I'm secretly a ninja and I followed you to wherever you people (u, him, kyra, ect (his buds)...) went. I could have shanked one of you guys and anyone around you at any given moment! :P

    2. Well, it was obviously Kyra, since she was the only other one there. We were volunteering at a marathon for French. Anyway, it's no biggy. :)
      Yes yes, thank you for referring to me as a real friend. I'm touched. <3

      (use any type of accent you what when saying that^^^)

  3. You're hilarious. Shares from Uncle Steve rule. Thanks for helping take care of Khan :-) Miss you and see you in 2 weeks!!!!

    1. YAHHHHHH.
      Yah, sorry that I just saw this now. I wish that blogger would msg me when I got a new comment. They probably send it to this email, but I only have this email for non-email purposes. #firstworldproblems