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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summer 2013

    Well I finally did it (notice how I cut the crap about my leave of absence ;). WELL I AM FINALLY DONE WITH JUNIOR YEAR.
     Well it is bitter sweet. With high school getting cooler and cooler each day I attend (and I attended literally each day...literally...even when they said I didn't have too), I found the summer vacation calling to me.
     In the last few months since I talked, I managed to get my licence. That is :D and D:
:D because now my worry of my permit expiring is gone and I can drive if needed. But I D: because I never have actually driven alone and thinking of that is some scary stuff man. The closest is when my dad acts distracted by being on his phone as I drive. That sort of makes it feel like I am driving all by my lone-some and helps ease the transition. Next to driving, I managed to have at least 5 A's (one is a secret ninja of a B, grade that is, because chem is weighted). The six class, history, is probably a non-ninja B because the final was hard man.
     Well now that that school year is done with I have like 9 weeks of nothing to do. I am thinking of getting a job, but anxiety is holding me back. It is a combination of seeing people I know from my school, but I don't know them enough to converse with, worry of not being professional enough, and unable to help out customers. But hey maybe I will be the type that can work through a task even with the stress. Looking back at it, I even impressed my self with how I handled the stress of being part of the small props group with my school's giant ASL show.
    I don't know if I'll even get hired. But next week I am walking over to a near by shopping area and seeing what places need the extra help and see if I am up for that specific challenge.
     Next to probably not getting a job, I am heading to Tao to hang with the cousins in a few weeks so look out for a post about it by the middle of July. Also before I go, I need to go to the Del Mar Fair. I have a free ticket cause I entered a picture of my dog (see the pic in my last blog) and I want to see - *BREAKING NEWS* This just in (thanks to Brenda looking to see how I did) . I got second place for the third year not in a row - It's good that I got got second because this year I am in the High School division and the last two times I was in with Middle School division (because it was 7th and 8th grade; La-tee-daa to why I was in that age group). So competition is tougher this year and I manged to keep my 2nd place record, witch is better than getting the dreaded 3rd place or lower. Well even though I know what I got, I still should go because I got that free ticket. :D
     Also this summer I hope to use up or toss all the crap I don't need. Kind of like a summer cleaning, were I just organize my room. I most definitely won't do it all in one day, but over time I'll consolidate all the piles of paper and school work from the school year and then burn them at the stake...when I get around to it. Cause my life is so busy! (sarcasm)  But all jokes aside, I only do about 70% of that organizing because by 71% you look around and say "WHAT THE FREAK am I doing?!?" and the organizing gets boring. So you shove everything in one box or drawer and go watch YouTube.
       Also, I am super stoked to go to Vidcon for my birthday in August, It will be a blast, but the down side is that summer will be almost over by then.


I GOT A 4.17 GPA!!!!! 
That's strait A's!