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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Youtube: A Few of My Internet Friends (part 1)

    Hey with Vidcon '013 approaching and  the sudden want to through my mother into the loop of all thing that are cool, awesome, and dare I say "hip", I might as well share with you guys a few of my favorite people.
- They aren't in any biast order. I just feel like the list should be numbered.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tahoe Trip (Summer 2013)

     Well two week ago I ventured off on a 9 hour drive to a land with trees, a lake, spontaneous nose bleeds, trees, my cousins, and . . .ohhh did I mention the trees."What town is this?" - Says person who didn't read the title. It was the southern part of Tahoe.
pictures of the tasting room
     My cousins beautiful house literally on the lake. They had kayaks and stand-up paddle boards. I prefer the kayaks, not only because of KAY, but also I can't balance of the life of me and wasn't in the mood for the chilly swim. On Independence day we took the boat out on the lake and watched the fireworks from the lake-shore.
     Also by the lake-shore, my Aunt and Uncle has their own a wine tasting room in Heavenly Village. It is called Red Poets and Skyhawk Lanes Wines and they even have an running ad. Its on YouTube, but it won't post on here for some reason. It a cool video for me cause I see Aunt Pia (our left) and my Papa (center) at 0:10 and Aunt Renee at 0:17. I must say even though I don't drink (for some odd reason ;), I hear their wine is great and you should check them out if you get the chance to.
     While I was there I got a chance bond a little with my crazy smart cousins, Sarah (my age) and Alec (about 2 years younger), that I see about once or twice a year. Sarah is taking AP History (it was world or euro. I don't recall which one.) and Alec is taking Spanish 3 this summer. They make it feel like people would laugh when I showed up with not even 18 physics questions for the summer. **PSHHHHH Sarah reads 30 pages from her history book a night and Alec has to weekly talk to his teacher over the phone IN SPANISH**. 
     One night they managed to find some time to watch Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Our parents came home from dinner (yah without us D:) and watch with us. I keep on thinking Ferris is Michael J. Fox, but it was Matthew Broderick. They look like twins to me.
     Also they have pretty cool pets.

Mr. Whiskers