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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Youtube: A Few of My Internet Friends (part 1)

    Hey with Vidcon '013 approaching and  the sudden want to through my mother into the loop of all thing that are cool, awesome, and dare I say "hip", I might as well share with you guys a few of my favorite people.
- They aren't in any biast order. I just feel like the list should be numbered.

1. Mike Falzone

     This guy is amazing. If you a long time follower of mine, you probably heard me reference him. He is like a life coach. He understands the stupid or wrong in life and tries to make the world a better place by saying his witty comments. Maybe he has or will solve one of your problems, if you don't have a problem, you are probably are in denial, but if "you don't" then you can sit back and swim in the lulz.
Most people do a little of both.

     These guys are pretty great. Yes, they pretty much do the same as Mike, but they are still great. Like Mike, it is how ironic they come up with the topics and messages. It is always something I need to hear to validate that I am not the only person thinking X, Y, and Z.

     Now going from a total black background to a total white back round. This gang, which resembles like the real like group of Friends, give short videos on one topic news stories. Also with ScourceFedNERD, they do various of other thinks. To be honest I can't tell if the Table Talks are on the Nerd channel or if Comment Commentary is on both of them or if Truth or Dare is only on SorceFed. Anyways, I sub to both.

4. Sxephil: Philip DeFranco 
(clip not entered cause I can't find the one I wanted)

     Now the Philip Defranco Show (PDS) is the father of SourceFed and SourceFedNERD crew. He is pretty much like any of the dinner time American World News shows. The difference is that he adds his own style and opinion, but always encourages the other side to have a voice and reminds us that his view isn't that END ALL, BE ALL. So next time your out of town or need news fast, now you know were to look.

5. Thatzak

    Some college kid that makes videos in his hallway. He simplfies stuff and is also on  The Extra Ordinary Tour with Mike Falzone. I migh get to go to their LA one next week.

6. Jenna Marbles

     This girl is crazy, but she isn't for the young at heart. At the beginning (and in her older videos), you would think she worked the corners or something. No, I believe she was an exotic dancer, but that is beside the point. She is hilariously honest and real.

How To Avoid Talking To People You Don't Want To Talk To
How Girls Fall Asleep

7. NerdyAndQuirky (Sabrina)

     I stumbled on this girl when John Green said he would let her sub in for him, when he had to go on maturity leave. So she has been the talk of the town since Green's spotlight turned towards her.
     She is the coolest 15 year old I know and quite awesome.

8. Danisnotonfire

     Dan has to be my favorite YouTube Brit. I'm not the sterytypical teenage girl swooning over Brits; actually most of the time they annoy the crap out of me with the posh accents and baby like speach. It is called a TV, not telly. That being said he does have   great sarcastic jokes and funny spasms. How do you not love him. Paige does, so you will too.

Other good ones are:
What not to do at the beach
Dan is on fire

9. Wheezywaiter: Craig

      If you like beards or you like laughing you will love this guy. Craig just makes funny little videos from the comfort of his house. So comfortable, he even ask us "Is the coffee done?". After watching a few videos, you will know that Crag "LOVES IT WHEN THE COFFEE IS DONE!" Time to send coffee clone to the alligator pit.


10. Jermey Jahns: Movie reviews
     This guy is great at reviewing movies. There are two reviews, the spoiler and no spoiler. If you are all pissed when people spoil stuff, you are ok here. It is hard for me to say if you should watch the videos before going to the movies. It can give you a nice review to see if you will like it or not. Yet again, it can spoil the plot for you. For the naysayer, that was is different type of "spoil" then I first was talking about. Anyways, if you need a movie opinion check out him.Need more? SourceFedNERD also does some reviews. Need more? look at the reviews on rotten tomatos/IMDB. Need more? YOU DON'T!


  1. Those are some good pickings, Kaylapoo. Dan, Craig, Mike, Blimey...

    1. Thanks. I am thinking of doing another post with different people soon.