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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Junior Year is going to suck.

     I have a strong belief that Junior Year is going to suck. Where should I start.
     Over all, There are a crap ton of students at school. But not one of them is one of my top8 (friends), Paigie. There are about 36-42 kids in each class. This population boost happens ever year, but they say there will be done building the new high school by next year. Like always we can blame this from population growth and that leads the surplus of freshmen running around with their heads chopped off. Gawd, I hate freshmen (Yes, i noticed i offended probably 2 people that found this blog; that would be their parents)  with their stereo type of what high school is like vrs. REALITY. The need to over match there clothes and do a cake-face to their pretty face. Even though I bash them, I have a pile of clothes I want to wear myself, but I don't want to give people the illusions that I'm trying to look too decent and maybe even for someone (-___- does this face look like it is for someone). But that is just me and my anxiety and the BLOG THAT EXPLAINS WHY I AM SO PICKY [[CLICK HERE NOW]] .

TAKE A DEEP BREATH...Chem-H rant in a few.

      Speaking about anxiety...I no longer have my awesome physics teacher and chill class. I traded that in for Honors Chem (my first honors class ever), but it is a culture shock. The jokes the teacher (or class) crack aren't even that funny. It could be because I sit in the very back of the room and can't hear or see a darn thing. I couldn't switch desk because the teacher wanted me to see who wouldn't mind my desk and I knew nobody would switch.  There is the constant worry that any second the class will get 10x harder or I will have to present something and the fact that people in that class are semi-cliquey. I have no friends in the class.
     Yah, I know some faces, but its not like they will at least make small talk. My parents (who didn't even push me into the class; i did that) are telling me to stick with it. Saying stupid crap like "It's only been two days" and "you will make friends cause you will bond over group labs" and such.My Mom said stuff like "Well, don't quit if you don't like it, because that is not a good reason. You will have to put up with people later in life [relates to her job]. Also, collage is competitive and this will be the only edge you will get cause you don't to clubs, AP, sports, ect..." I just stare at her like *You told me not to do it cause you thought I can't handle the work!! I did it for collage (it is a weighted class) and so I can punch you in the face next time you call me stupid (if I get a B or better).* The worst is when they take to the elementary days when they tell you to excessively smile and play 20 questions until you find something in common or one gives up.
      I mean it isn't really a hard class (yet). I don't know if I should be saying that yet, because we took an element abbreviation and name game quiz. My anxiety kicked in so much, I only wrote my first name on the quiz. I hope I don't have to retake it cause it got lost in a sea of papers or if I get docked a point. I was worrying that I was taking to long. When I turned it in, I saw only my first name on it. I didn't want to take it back for the question if I was cheating and I was also being lazy. So I made this face xP and walked all they way back to my desk.
     Maybe I can use my IEP card (its like what the school calls "special ed" and the card is a  that will get myself in or out of stuff cause my mom believes that I'm that mental (I will admit to corks, but I get it cause I'm related to her and I have to live with her (and a few childhood tramas). IDC more perks and being pulled from classes for me.). If I could, I would be switching to the other honers class where I at least would have a friend from ASL. I go through these moods to switch and not switch cause of the befits and the learning environments.I guess I feel out of my element when I'm in this class. Pun in tended. (meaning I feel uncomfortable and in a foreign territory if you didn't get the pun).

     Besides that mess of that problem. Kyra and I have been getting to become close friends because everyone else sort of left us (or they are 5 ft away). So its time I dust off my flyers & get some sign twirlers to recruit people.
     Also, it is pretty fcken hot & bright at school. I havn't ordered the sunglasses yet, but my dad is letting me. YAHHHH no glaucoma for me.

But other than that I think my Photo, film History, (maybe) collage algebra trig , ASL, and flim English will be chill. What is your opinion about your classes and school?
Update-Oct 31, 2012- I got my seat switched like 2 weeks back, maybe it will help.


  1. My opinion on my classes is...well, I don't know yet. :P

    1. haha, I love your hyenas from lion king laugh.

      But gurl, I worry about you.
      You need to get yourself an edum-A-cation (southern ascent)

    2. I don't need no gosh durn edumucation!

    3. Yes, you do. You spelled darn wrong.

    4. That's how we say it in the south!

    5. its ok(: I was just nit-picking.