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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Back to School- Advice

I love Bunny, start this at like 2:00. I always want to try new things but I am worried that people will nit-pick me or i don't have the balls to pull ME off.
short story:
1. Do what you want to do even if peers will talk crap about it.
2. Dont take (the bad things) things people say to heart.
3.Have a goal.
- if people critique you they aren't worth it. Anyways you probably wont talk to them after high school.


  1. Wooooooo! Go self expression!
    You should do whatever the heck you want, Kaylapoo. Just remember: no puppy drowning.

    1. haha yeah but guys if u think about it we all kinda look the same (brown-haired, average height, comfy-casual clothes) . . .

    2. True,but some of us are sorter than others (*coughcough Kyra*) , some of us are tanner than others(*coughcough Not Paige*), and some of us have longer hair than others (*coughcough Me*).

      (did i offend everyone in my small group of friends? I didn't mean to.)

    3. @Paige
      darn, i have a perfectly ripe puppy to drown. (my moms dog)

    4. Not Coco!

      I'm not offended. And I would say that - even though we may have some similarities in looks - we each have our own style.

    5. Plus, hundreds of thousands of people are born with brown hair. That's not what makes you, YOU.

      Sorry if this was really long. Rant over!