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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Zzz Zzz Zzz...

1 sheep, 2 sheep, 3 sheep...Zzz Zzz Zzz
(Well i finally chose a topic to babble about.)
Everyone sleeps. Some sleep more than others and others sleep less than some people. Doctors say we need make time to be with our pillow for 8 hours. I know people that can survive on 6, while others NEED their 10 or 12 hours.
Now all those facts rattling in that sleepy or well rested brain of yours. May I ask you if you know what happens when you sleep?  Majority of the time when I sleep it feels like I was MIA for those last hours. They pasted for what seamed like a few minutes. Just like the feeling if you were knocked out, but without pain. Think about it, you were staring at the back of your eyelids for hours.
Some people say that they dream. I rarely dream, but it helps if I'm sleeping in a different location (friends house or couch) or did something out of the ordinary (eat different foods, different sleep schedule, ect.). When I dream I only can catch parts of my dream. My last 2 dreams were of me stealing my mom's car and being a hooligan with it. This is because I got my driver permit last month. I even remember having a dream when my sister was doing her drivers training. I had a dream that she was driving me and my other sister. We were driving on an on ramp to the freeway, but my sister drove us off. We flew through the sky like the way most cartoons do. Before I could cuss out my sister I woke up. I always hate that "roller coaster, tummy in your throat" feeling.
The fear of my sister driving is what made me remember my dream. Some people tell me that you dream everyday, but you don't always remember those dreams when you wake. Some people keep journals near them to jot down their dreams so they don't forget it.
Maybe they wright it down so they can dream about it later? I remember waking from dreams that I wanted to see what would happen next. Like a page turner, but for dreams. Sadly I could never choose what to dream of. I believe they come from a thought in the back of your mind or a fear that is thrived by imagination.
Some dreams can have a mystical meanings behind them. While others can keep little kids up for mistaking a sweater in the closet for a scary blue monster. Maybe if those kids thought that sweater was a nice, giant, blue, fluffy dog. They wouldn't have a nightmare and there family can all go to sleep.
Well with school approaching, I need to go back to my old sleep schedule. I have been going to bed around 2:30AM and waking at around noon. I'm doing better. I try to wake up earlier, but I cant always go to bed . I am a night owl! I stare at the ceiling until 2 comes around. I am not an insomniac, but maybe it would help if I didn't listen to Owl City (he is an insomniac). Technology is my downfall. One more song turns to four, then six or one more YouTube video turns into eight. I need to learn when to flip the switch off, because its not healthy to be nocturnal in a diurnal world . I might turn into a scary blue monster if i don't get my beauty sleep.

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