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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Public Trolling

     I have always wanted to *Publicly Troll, but I don't have the conformance (or the balls) to.
Just think about it. Walk through a Macy's asking people "What year is it?" and screaming "It worked." with your arms up. If you wanted to act pissed you would stomping your feet and yelling "[friend your with name here], we went back to far" or "[person], we didn't go back far enough". Its funny cause they would suspect you time traveled.
     Publicly Trolling can be really funny. Here are some from YouTube. They are R rated, but it is so funny.

     Ohhh I have some other good ones. Trolling on my mom. Think about it, I just get one of my guy friends and act like we are dating. The trick is that my mom wants to interrogate all my my guy friends, regardless if i like them or not (-_- I don't like them), that's one reason why I don't invite my friends over. 
    Or the next time she kicks me out I'll say I am going to "Brian's" house. Technically "Brian" is fake, but  It would still piss her off. 
    Also, I could practice my acting skills on her. I know I can't practice a Bitchy Teen cause she doesn't put up with that crap, but I can practice others. I can be Negative Nancy, Valley Girl, Depressed Danny, and many more. I don't really need acting practice because I have no need to act. Well If I do stuff with movies when I grow up maybe this would help.
     It my seem like my mom is over protective of me. I don't know why (well I have some ideas). My mom let my sisters hang with her guy friends when my sisters were my age (but that is another story that I don't want to rant). I would never actually troll her because the repercussions could be bad. I rather make myself look like an idiot in public, then act like myself (or a trolled version of myself) around my mom. Cause if you know me, My mom can't handle my awesomeness.
***Publicly Trolling- when you do things that normal people think your either drunk or mentally ill; its also in public
-It makes people wonder WTF and "DID THAT JUST HAPPEN"

 (***Blehhh you get the point. Yah, I know this post sucks. I wanted to KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). The Idea was better in my head but you get the point. Good Night. Better Post soon. I'm taking request and ideas.)


  1. No, I liked this one! And I haven't watched the videos yet, but Steve Greene is hilarious!

    The "It worked!" trolling line reminds me of that part in Elf when Buddy walks into that coffee shop and says, "You did it! Congratulations! World's best cup of coffee! Great job, everybody! It's great to be here."

    1. haha yah and everyone was like half awake looking at him like WTF o_O