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Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Non-expert Advice: Back-To-School-My first of a few

Hey, so students are going back to school. I thought I could toss out ideas for these students and maybe have fun doing it. Myself is going to be going to her junior year of high school. I'm glad to go back to see my friends and stop being bored.

so maybe I should start with supplies and tips.

1. Spiral Notebooks-
These help a bunch. I say you should get one for any class you take notes in. If you really want to be organised you can get one to do your homework and one to use for the notes (for each class of ur choosing). It also helps cause you know where your hw is and can tear out paper with out the worry that you will run out of room for your notes.

-I had a note book for my Algebra 2 and Physics class.My physics was a little more messy cause I also did class book work by my notes. I'll be stocking up on these so I can be more organized. If your lucky, buy them in bulk (or get the ones with more than 70pgs).

well this will be the first year I wont be using my sisters old backpack. I had the same power Blue jansport bag since 3rd grade (the type with 27 pockets). I send that to get fixed over Christmas, but it took longer than expected. So I used a dark blue one (2 pockets-less nerdy/looked cooler) that got holes in it.
-also try NOT to over pack. Hey on the first day the teacher doesn't really care if you have 64 crayons and a built-in pencil sharpener. People will say "good for you" =l * SARCASTICALLY*.

3. Binder, dividers, loose paper, and a Binder Pouch
(&the necessary stuff that goes a binder or pouch.You don't need a hole  puncher.)
This one is pretty self-explanatory. Pick one u like, style it or not, fill it with Funions...IDC.
I personally don't care to personalize it. I use printer paper and change the color from now or then and add ransom slips of paper or notes/reminders. Also I love the dividers with the pockets, but if you like folders then rock that too.
-Look around your house for usable pens, pencils, and highlighters. You don't really need to buy more unless you need more led, erased your erasers, lost them, they broke (talking about mechanical ones), ect ect...

4. Lunch
Bring one, buy one, beg your buddies, go out to eat (if open campus), eat out of the trash can, or starve.

5. Random stuff to bring:
1. mint gum-but don't trust the saying "giving free gum=more friends"

2. a "first aid kit" (i call it that)- it has extra Bobbie pins, hair ties, Advil, a band-aid or 2, "girly tissues", chap-stick,  floss/a floss pick, ect.. just put this all in a pouch and you should be good.

-I also use this as a good time to get rid of my bad Bobbie pins and hair ties by giving them to people when they "barrow". I am always sad when they give it back.

3. A calculator for math/science

4. Water- inside of a water bottle... in case you wondered.

5.Phone/ Carrier pigeon- what i don't judge.

6. If you have a chill class and a battery that keeps dying . bring your charger. That's why you make friends with the teacher. :D

7. FRIENDS - what? some people don't have friends. Be glad you have the ones that you question why they like your weird pants. And make your weird pants befriend those lonely pants.

8. (my favorite number) remember to eat breakfast, wear clothes, and a smile. Uber cheesy, but maybe you smile will brighten someones day. --SUPPER CHEESY!

 9. Hand sanitizer - cause people are filthy and I need to get rid of my crap from Christmas.

!0: What you find necessary- Planner, PE clothes, French Book, soccer ball, ect...

Other tips
1. if you think you are smelly use deodorant over a $70 perfume. If you need to you can use a body slash, but don't bring it. It will spill and you will over use it. When you over use it, it repels more people than it attracts.

2. FRESHMEN: the first week of school is not a beauty pageant. Lay off the overly perfect outfits, cake face, and heels. You more approachable (and look less plastic) and like school more if you are dressed comfortable. Casual clothes has perks too!

3. Get a good nights rest. I'm trying to get back to my sleep scheduled, but it is hard. Try to work on it 2-3 weeks before school.

4.  Try not to procrastinate. "Better said then done, Kay!" Yes, I know. If your going to procrastinate at least get/make a planner. So you have a set schedule.

5. When you get your classes map them out on the map. If needed.Freshmen, this would be a good time to see if your friends cross paths during passing period (if you have time to chat) and decide where you should eat lunch. My school lets us eat wherever, but I am deeply sorry if you still have to sit in a lunch room.
My Room like 40% into my Back-to-School cleaning.

6. Clean your room. This one will help you bring in the new school year. Think about it. "A cluttered room, is a cluttered mind". Get rid of the clutter and toss the junk so you can be organised and free. This is a good time to see what school supplies you have around to use, what junk should be use up, and what should be be trashed or donated.

**Well if you have any tips list them below. You are welcome to ask me any questions or help me decide on my next blog topic.


  1. 'I also use this as a good time to get rid of my bad Bobbie pins and hair ties by giving them to people when they "barrow". I am always sad when they give it back.' . . . How shady of you.

    1. Wait, during PE I think I let you barrow some of them. Haha good times.

    2. No, I never used bobby pins or ties. But I did knot that orange one of yours for fun! :)

    3. yah and i felt like a badass when i could untie it.
      I remember now, i gave Esmi.