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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Resolutions '013

     So it is that time of year. When people make list about what they need to change about them self. Then 2-3 months (or 2-3 weeks) down the road they are laughing and face-palming  because they realize that they were an idiot to make such out of this world goals. They are seating themselves up for failure.
     WELL rather then explain to you how stupid I think resolutions are, ...why don't I join the fun? I mean if it last 2-3 months, that is still a big improvement over not attempting to change anything, ..for the better that is. But it dose suck when you try to reach a goal and you wind up worst than before. Like the "one step forward, two steps back" saying. I think that comes from the fact that their goals were so far fetched. WELL,--I am going to take my chances and maybe you will even get something out of this list.

Resolution '013
1. To be more productive (#2)
-To enjoy the felling of accomplishing something, To get a lot of task done in a short period of time.

2. Better Time Management (#1)
- this goes hand and hand with #1. If I manage my time better, I(might)'ll get more stuff done.

3. To Be More Positive (#5)
- Start humming "Think Positive" from Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. IDK how I feel about that song, but I always picture my schools (I was not part of, but did attend) 8th grade drama class on that movie/book. Anyways, getting to the point...this will better stated in #5

4. To Be More Active
-Since I am no longer taking PE, soccer season is over, and I love food, I need to get some sort of exercise in. This is so I don't turn into a Lumpy Space Princess and (story at 3:30) when the vampire robot nazis... who are also zombies and Chuck Norris  (story at 0:59) come to get us, I will be all fit and ready. Also, Zombieland taught me that it is best to be in shape for that stuff. All jokes aide, I don't want to be a couch potato. I say this as I type this in my bed, mid day (10:48am).

5.To Be More Adventurousness/Live A Little (#3)
-Not to be exactly Jim Cary's "Yes [Wo]Man" type of lady, but I just show almost no interest when I am invited to do stuff (most of the time it is my family asking...I guess u can say "Go figure", but that isn't always the case).  I just think that whatever I am doing is so much better than what they are asking me to join in. Sorry this now a rant, but it sucks when you get woken up at 8-ish to go see Les Miserables. So, I went back to bed and my mom went without me.

6.To Not Over Sleep (ties with pretty much every # cause if I am sleeping I can't reach these goals)

-Don't you hate it when you have a day off and you sleep until 11am. Most times, it pisses me off. There went a day that I could have done something brilliant, something amazing...and probably something stupid. Case in point, when you over sleep half your day is gone.

7. To UTD; To Use.Trash.Delete. (#8)
- To use up what I have around. Trash clutter like things I don't use or whats left of the used things. Electronically remove any clutter. Like that app I don't use. DELETE. That bad quality or song I no longer listen to.DELETE. I mean GOSH, some of my middle school music makes me do a face-keyboard. Don't confuse with a face-palm, two different things. 

8. Be Better Organised (#7)
- After I de-clutter, what I have left I should organise. Maybe ask my Uncle Steve for some de-cluttering methods, organization tools & tips, and  chic room-decor tips. Their house looks like the ones in the magazines.
sums most of my revolutions. 

9. Laugh even More (#14)
- Laugh it up, Laugh it off, just don't laugh it down.
Me being the type of nervous  person, this can help play off my blunders. I already sort of do this, but also it is nice to laugh stuff off. one of my favorite quotes: "Your only human", so its ok to have blunders. Wow I just got sappy on my blog, oops.

10.Miss Witty Pants
- Be as witty as I can be; Like Steven Colbert, but him on his greatest days. (I just tossed out the fact that I said I would try to get reachable goals) 

11. Licence!!!!
- I am in no way ready for my test, but Jackie gives me the tips. She says *looking back, I was a terrible driver when I first got my licence. Now I am getting better everyday*

12. New Job orrrrr "New Job"
- New job could be an actually job; like bagger at Vons, Jamba Juice, target or ect.
Or a "new job" that I am doing for family. Like how I vacuum the house for money.  

14. To Be Loud (#9)
- I would like to speak up more, not in a jerk-ish way, but just to speak up more.
Yes, I ask more questions in class than the average person. Maybe actually share something for NIE (my english class's show n tell), instead of getting called on. 

15. Try More New Things/Well come Change
-I don't take well to new changes. If I get new clothes, I feel odd wearing them because they "don't feel me" yet. (I also there are other reasons; like I feel too dressed up, ect..). Do things out of the ordinary. Break from the hum-dum of the everyday routine.

16. Try to stick to one heading /Edit Myself
- first one is not really a resolution (just a joke) but the editing myself is--pretty much means to
"Keep It Simple, Stupid"

17. Get New Clothes
-Well if you know me and hadn't notice I wear pretty much the same thing every-week. If I happen to forget a shirt at the other house, I am pretty much screwed. But I also hate wearing new clothes because it can be seen as I am trying to hard to dress or trying to pull something that isn't me. I mean it is ridiculous because it takes pretty much the same of energy to put on jeans and a t-shirt as it takes to pull over a simple printed dress and (optional) leggings. Also, even I don't know what is "me". Shelby still brings ups the fact that I wore dresses and bows in the 1st grade, when my mom dressed me. Kyra still brings up "bad outfits" that I had at the end of elementary school and even I can't recall them. What I am trying to say, is anything is better than that stuff that my parents dressed me in. Now my taste is changing, for the better, I am going to freaken wear what I want to wear! (q southern accent)  And honny, you can't do jack-nothin.

18. Stop Caring
-also the last one reminded me to stop caring what other people think about. If I think it is pretty freaken hilarious and they don't, then it is their freaken loss. If I feel like taking off my shoes in class, I will! If any one says "Uhhh I hate Toy Story" (smosh; starts at 4:58), "I will attack by throwing churros at the dude. What I am trying to get at is that I'll do as I please and if you don't like what I like then it sucks for you. If you smack talk it, I am going to defend it. And If you like it, your one cool cat.     Also, if you notice some people really don't care and schizophrenia is just getting at yah.

19. Hang Out
-Hang with my gang more. Also branch out from only watching movies.

this is getting too long. What is on your list?
 (Maybe I should condense mine? I didn't really Keep it Simple.)


  1. Kayla u dont need to change ur already perfect to meeeeeee! <3

    1. haha. Ohhh Kira, you filthy-dog. Ohhhhh, you!
      ~ Disneyland popcorn bowl drops as I fall(my version of fainting)~

  2. Hi Kay, Check out the The Zero Clutter Method:

    "Now is as good a time as any to clear out your clutter — sweep it out in one go, or take bite-sized chunks each day over the course of a month. Either method works.

    Today I’m going to introduce you to a method I call Zero Clutter. It’s about only having the essential things in your life, and clearing out the rest. It’s about developing the habits that keep your life clutter-free, and learning to put things where they belong every time, so that clutter doesn’t accumulate.

    It’s not something you can implement overnight. It takes a little time to clear out the non-essential things from your life, and even more time to develop the clutter-free habits. But you can start today."