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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mission Impossable: Spontaneous Request

     If you know me, you should at least know that I have two older sisters or that rummer has it that I am good at taking pictures (that rummer is true). Now you reviewed that, I can move on.
     This Mission was given to me at about Thursday, Jan 24 at 12:34 on my way home on a tangerine that I just peeled:
"Hello, Agent KayDog. Your mission, if you choose to except it, is to go to your sister's, Allie, work (Miguel's; Mexican restaurant) and extract some still moments of the [incert whatever that business event was here (I still don't know)]. We have choose your team for you: Agent Rickster, will be in control of the get away car, and Agent Allie-Cat, to help hook you up with what you need to extract. You have about "(Robot voice:) 4 hours" till your arrival at 16:00. Expect to be their, on a mission, no longer than 30 minutes. (breaks character into this valley girl voice for one sentence) *Your welcome to eat dinner there, I recommend their Enchiladas Rancheras.* (comes back to formal voice) But if you ever interfere or come in to contact with the business people by (a) head-on-head colision or (b) spilling the beans on them, that being both physically and metaphorically, then Allie-Cat has the right to kick you out and you wont get the *yummy* dinner...This message will self-destruct in 8 seconds. Good luck, Kay." *** I tossed tangerine out the window into a bush. It hisses and steam comes from under the bush. Then light flashes from the bush and the smoke is no more. *** 
     So what is a girl to do, but accept this message. So I went, I took pics, and devoured.

 Mission Completed! 
-Which leads to a very sweet victory-

   The fajitas were good, but they should give you more than 3 tortillas. But also I should have asked.
   I don't think I could be a food blogger. If I was, I would recommend this over their Taco Salad. That thing was just a giant mountain of salad. Yet again, who knows maybe they could have changed the recipe since the time when I got it when the restaurant first opened up.

-KayDog out-


  1. Dangit, now I want Mexican food. -_-
    Nice pictures, Kaylapoo! Mission...SUCCESSFUL. Paige out. *dives into bush*

    1. watch out for those thorns, AgentPaigyPie.

  2. Kayla i always knew you take good pictures! love that place btw :)

    1. Thanks, My sissy poo works there.