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Thursday, March 28, 2013

My Frames.

     So guess what! I got new glasses.
*** cricket silence ***
    No really. They are different than my eBay ones.
These actually let me see, they are prescription glasses if you will. They are also transitions and said to be "glare reducing". I can use all the glare reducing I can get. The doc did tell me that I have big pupils, be jealous, and that is why my eyes tear up more than the average eyeballs.
     Before I get ahead of myself, let me tell you what they look like. I watched Argo over the weekend with my friends. It was a good movie, but not entirely an Oscar worthy movie. ME being part of the lost generation, the group of young adults who prefer something to be blown up every now and then in a movie or they will say it is boring and fall asleep, I will say that it would be a smudge-above-par movie, but Wreck-it-Ralph was robbed (even though it wasn't nominated). What I did like was the humor that Allan and John (Lester Siegel and John "Pacha" Chambers) added to the movie, even though the "Argo f**k yourself" was drawn out too much. I also liked the visual aspects. The costume designer and set designer gets the Kayla Seal of Approval because the great use of colors and nice vintage feel. My point I was tiring to make in relations to my glasses was that the people in the movie had glasses too. I noticed that the Cora (Clea DuVall) had ones like me, but I prefer hers over mine. Then through out the movie I noticed something else in the hipster eyewear department.
Clea DuVall  as Cora Lijek
....& My glasses can be seen as a girls version of John's.
win win either way!
^^^ for kyra only ^^^

Things I am starting to notice:
1) My glasses look weird when they are in their "wanna be sunglasses" phase.
2) I am blinder than I thought.
3) They get dirty easily because they are fingerprint magnets. Also, I feel like Piggy from Lord of the Flies when I clean them.
4) They will never fit right, no matter how long I mess with them.
5) I am starting to believe that I am one of thoes people that look weird without glasses on.
6) I got the Jay-Bird stamp of approval today!
7) I really need to start switching out my different color shades. Yes I love my leopard ones, but I have a freaken rainbow to pick from.
8) One more step to hipster...or a wanna be... or a scientist/professor or a wanna be scientist/professor


  1. For the record, I like your glasses, Kaylapoo! Oh, and didn't the guy in Argo also voice Sulley in Monsters Inc. in addition to Pacha? Okay, I just googled it and yup, same guy. John Goodman.

  2. Pagypoo, whats happenin'?(don't answer)