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Friday, February 8, 2013

(One of the) Greatest Teachers Ever

     Well well well. Remember back in September when I said Junior year was going to suck. More I'm importantly I blamed it on Chem  or KhemH as I like to call it. It was honors. My first honors class so I was in shock still. Also the teacher was insane.
      Well since I got to move up closer (if you didn't recall (or read it) I sat in the back for a few months),  I was (a) able to see the beautiful board more, (b) could ask more questions because it it easy to hear and see me, and (c) I started to to understand the crazy that was my teacher.

   Let me inform you that I am blind as a bat. I got glasses back in about third-forth grade, but stopped wearing them around fifth and sixth grade. I know I should go back and get new ones. I still have my ancient glasses and they are so bent out of shape and discussing. Also the prescription must be up because they now are blurry as hell. There are times when I am in my room and my eyes haven't fully focused yet. It scares the crap out of me because I think that the black spot of nothingness are a spiders on my wall.  I wear sunglasses around my school, as most of you know, but I worry that if those lends could be screwing my eyes up even more. But hey it is so much better than frying my eye balls off or becoming even slightly teary eyed.
     Well, getting back on the subject on hand. Now that I was able to see the board, Kistler could also easily find me when I had a question. Also, it was much easier verses being in the back and having to flapping my arms for attention and screaming my question hopping for anyone to hear.
     At times, it was hard to hear him. It would have been easier to send a carrier pidgin.Finally (back in November) I got moved, I could hear all the hilarious stories and tangents that he has to talk about. Somewhere of him telling us how his car was jacked (and 2 of our quizzes we bombed were in the car:), stories of old girlfriend, life lessons (mostly learned from those old girlfriends), jokes about period 6 ("don't say the "S" word!),  and many other inside jokes. Yes, I did make a handful of friends in the class compared to Septembers post, so YAY im not a loner. Also, we do learn in the class, but it is probable more interesting than the other KhemH techer. At first Kistler can be looked at as a nut (over time you start going along with the nuttiness and accepting it and maybe find it a bit amusing), but it is better than having some boring, monotone teacher.

Just look at the video.
My favorite part is when he asked what camera and went to the opposite one that Brian told him.


  1. Woo, what a riot that guy is. I'm betting he was planning on the trip-and-fall in the beginning, but he almost crushed the interviewer. Then again, I do enjoy a good laugh at other people's pain.

    1. Was this your favorite part, Paigie?
      tisk tisk tisk.

      but yah it is hard not to laugh at other peoples' pain (ie: most of youtube and all of RayWilliamJohnson)

    2. No, no, rest assured it was not my favorite part. [my favorite part was the same as yours]

    3. Ok cool.
      Yah on the class's facebook wall, one kid wrote.

      Kistler 2016

      It was great!