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Saturday, July 28, 2012

What are you babbling about!

Recently I have noticed that i am starting to feel inferior or dumbfounded by other people who can speak more than one language. I feel frankly stupid and useless that i can't speak in anything, but English.Yah I take ASL (American Sign Language; for deaf people) and it is a language, but it isn't the same to knowing a spoken language.
 Its weird that English is the official language of more countries than any other language. My dad travels a lot for his work and he feels bad that American tourist can just suspect that they will find someone who knows English and can translate X-language to English.

Few of the most common languages are Mandarin (Chinese), English (Brits included), Spanish, and French (shout out to my friends who take français). It was the mixture of watching Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol and listening to Regina Spektor (Russian-American singer), that's when it hit me--I WANT TO LEARN RUSSIAN. So to do this i downloaded a few apps for my phone (Dropid "todally un-"incredible 2). It's ok, but it just teaches me a few sayings, witch pretty much means it is useless.
I  understand that learning a new language is hard (No Duh), but i did find patterns in the vocab the app gave me.

Russion (how to pronounce)- English
простите (Prostyite) - Sorry
привет (Privet)- Hello

* So I know that п= pr
Woop-Tee-Do...i got bored with the memorization. 

I will probably give up on my quest to learn Russian cause it is't that useful, unless I watch Russian youtube, tv or movies. I don't have enough money to travel to Russia, but i have found the second best thing. On a boring Sunday night you can go online and *walk* the streets of Russia. I use Google's streetview. Yes, google maps may be better, because this is made of pictures that google has snatched from people that actually have money and a live to go there. *goes cries in a corner* Its a good alternative if you mother blocked the downloads and you can't up date it.

soooo foreign.


APP:Speack Russian ( or

Cheap way of traveling:
just google "google streetview" or "google maps" too explore anywhere

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